Poor Moo…

Today was the last check-up for the Moo before I leave town. I took her in instead of just calling in because she has started shaking her head and rubbing her face on the floor again. And when I clean her ears I am getting more gunk than I would like…this time mostly out of the right ear.

The vet cleaned her ears again while we were there and said he is seeing more inflamation and such than he likes, but there is no sign of infection or yeast which is good. So, for the time being the vet extended the prednisone (at a lower dose – once every other day), put her on an antihistamine two to three times a day as needed, and told me to continue the drops twice a day until I get back. The poor folks at the kennel are going to hate me! (And poor Neil who has to do this all for several days before she goes to the kennel!)

But mostly poor Moo. She is being SO good about it all, but you can tell she is tired of people messing with her ears.

When I get back…and I am talking right back – I get off the red-eye flight at around 6:10am…wait for bags, the shuttle to the car, etc., drive directly to the kennel to pick up the dogs, and then, after dropping Sadie by the house, go straight to the vet's office for another check-up at 8:30am on New Year's Eve…he is going to look at her ears and probably change up the meds. Hopefully at that point we will be off the prednisone and the drops will change to something else that has a steriod in it. He can't do that now because her eardrum is not healed enough yet.

Then the exciting part…depending on how things are looking, we go on a food trial. Three months of prescription, non-allergenic formula crap. I am not excited about this. The problem is, we need to rule out a food allergy and because she has already been on food that has an alternaitve proteins or carbs in it, we have to go with Hills Z/D diet. I am really, really, really hoping that it is an airborne allergy…though I think even if it doesn't seem to be food, I might try out the Wellness limited ingredient food once we are done with the trial to see how she and Sadie fare on that. We'll just see. The worst and hardest part is that she can't have any treats unless they are prescription, non-allergenic things. And her heartworm meds and other supplements have to stop too.

I guess I am dreading this, because in my heart of hearts I truly don't think this is food related…and part of me feels like if we could wean her off all the crap I am putting in her body and her ears right now that she would be OK. But, I don't want to do that and end up right back where we were before (or worse). So, for now, I have to trust that the vet knows what he is doing (which I really do think he does – he isn't the kind of vet to do things for doing's sake).

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4 thoughts on “Poor Moo…

  1. Poor Marly Moo! I'm sorry that things aren't clearing up like you and the vet would like. And it sucks to have to go to special food to rule out a food allergy. I hope you have a great trip and don't worry about the kids too much while you're gone.

  2. Thanks! (Man – I am so late relying to this…)
    I am just thankful there is no actual infection. And, in some respects, the food elimination trial will probably be good. I am going to put both dogs on it (because Marly steals Sadie's food sometimes). It will be interesting to see if it helps with Sadie's skin. She has ALWAYS had flaky, itchy skin. We did one of these when she was a pup (about Marly's age, in fact) but it didn't seem to be food at the time. I wonder if it is now…or if it is still airborne allergens.

    OH! And I wanted to tell you that I had ordered the Pal Dog conditioner from a lady who carries it in FL. She sent me a small bottle of the shampoo with it. It is FABULOUS stuff! Both dogs are so shiny and pretty and there are zero flakes on either of them. (With Sadie that is a minor miracle!) She is still itchy…so that is why now I am interested in her doing the food thing too. But thank you much for the recommendation! And you are right, a little goes a long way with the shampoo which is also a huge plus with Marly's thick coat and sheer size. 🙂

  3. I know you've been busy lately! And I hope you can get out tomorrow!! We've been trying to figure out our travel plans as well with the weather and getting Andrew a new car, which also is on the other side of the state. Never a dull moment. Anyway, I'm glad they sent you a sample of the shampoo. What scent did you get? We use the lavender. I love that a little goes a long way. People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them that in the store but I've had some come back and tell me that after using it they know what I'm talking about. 🙂 I'm glad that the conditioner seems to be working too. Maybe after a few uses you'll see even more of an improvement. You need to bring the girls for a visit in the frozen tundra here. You'll quickly find out if they have airborne allergies since nothing can live in the sub zero wind chills we're having!

  4. Oooo that is a good idea! And I KNOW Marly would love to play in the snow…especially if Breacon and Haven would let her play with them. She seriously loves other dogs – most of them anyway.
    This weather is nuts…my mom was saying the last time our town got snow like this was 19 years ago. And I remember it too. It was the year (winter) we moved up there from Oregon! Insanity. I just hope this isn't a trend…the last time I was home in the winter was two years ago for Thanksgiving. That weekend was a crazy snowstorm that blew through (only it was just for a couple days) that nearly made Neil miss his flight home! I might ahve to start having the family come out here for the holidays!

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