New Year’s Resolutions

I don't really have any traditional resolutions this year…however, I do have some goals – they may not all get met, or at least not in their entirety, but I want to get a good start on all these things this year:

  1. Pay down/off my debt – this is top priority for me this year. This means I have to create a budget and stick to it – my frivolous spending needs to be curbed! First off, my truck.
  2. Get the yard together – I have to get working on the hardscaping of the yard (top seeding the lawn, planting area design, bedding area rock, edging, additional plants, etc.). It is going to be labor intensive and will cost some money, but it isn't at all frivolous money. The front yard is priority this year…the back will get some work too, but the big stuff back there will come later.
  3. Finish the interior painting – for real…how many years now have I been working on this? I have one living room wall left, the kitchen, my bathroom, a last coat in the dining room (which will be super easy), and a color adjustment in the guest bath (which will also be easy once I get everything taped off in there). If I can get MY part done, then I will invest (or ask for birthday present/this years Christmas present) in hiring someone to paint the living room/kitchen ceiling.
  4. Get healthy – OK, OK so this seems to pop up every year and I never get around to really doing anything about it. I will stick with my primary focus on eating healthier in 2009 (no more pizza Friday's, more veggies and fruit, etc.) with a dash of *gasp* more exercise (like taking the dogs for more walks rather than just taking them to the dog park to run around).

So, that's it. Nothing really Earth shattering…numbers 2 and 3 will greatly depend on number 1 and how much spending money will actually be available this year. The sad part is that it probably won't be much and what I will have will be going toward the grocery bill.


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