The best Christmas ever…once I got there.

Sorry for the lengthy entry…lots of rambling after being gone! ūüôā

Getting out west this year was a nightmare – I did finally make it a little after midnight on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. My luggage even got there too!

I got the best Christmas present ever as soon as I got into the truck with my sister and mom…my sister announced that she¬†is going to be a mommy!!! Which means I will be an aunt (duh!) – due date is August 20. I am SO thrilled I can’t even express it properly. And the funniest part was that the silly sister of mine was sorry she couldn’t drink beer with me while I was there! *laugh* Aside from it being a darn good reason for not being able to, it was better all around because I didn’t drink as much as I probably would have otherwise.

So, though I had already planned on going back out at the end of August for my sister’s b-day (I want to make that time of year my annual trip home time…this holiday travel thing is for the birds), now I will for sure be heading that way so I can help out with the new baby. And it will be convenient, because I can celebrate with both of them each year. Who knows, maybe Nugget (my sister’s name, not mine – based on the current size and shape of the fetus) will be late and will have a birthday right next to or on my sister’s (Aug 27)! Hehehe! Personally, I think that would be kind of cool since my birthday is the day after my mom’s.

Aside from all that excitement, Christmas was nice. My dad was still there because his flight to TX was cancelled as well. I got to see more snow in the harbor than I have ever seen on all the years I lived there. I know it was annoying to the folks having to deal with all the ice on the roads that came with it, but it was also beautiful. I got to hang out with my mom. And I got to spend lots of time with my sister and BIL (they are some of my favorite people on the face of this planet). I got to see Dad’s new boat (I forget if I have mentioned that he now lives on a boat?) – it is gorgeous for a boat…but man is it small for everyday living! And as always, the trip was way too short.

UPS got way behind in deliveries because of the crazy weather nation-wide¬†so my sister’s presents didn’t arrive until after the holiday, but at least they got there. And I made out like a bandit¬†and had to ship a box back home to myself because it wouldn’t all fit in my bag.

The trip home was uneventful other than I couldn’t sleep – I got into Charlotte around 6:00am on Wednesday and then picked up dogs (who were both beside themselves when they saw me), dropped Sadie at the house and took Moo to the vet for another check-up on the ears (see below).

I slept through new year’s eve…no Times Square for me. And yesterday I spent the day reorganizing my china cabinet, kitchen cabinets, and shelves – I am still trying to find space for everything that is useable and accessible.¬† I think I am finally getting there! Today I am going to tackle my bathroom and maybe even my closets. And tomorrow I will work on the office here (which is on hold somewhat until I can afford additional shelving for the closet) and also the refrigerator (I need to go through all my sauces and stuff and see what is outdated, etc.)

First, though, the dogs need a bath. They¬†stink after being at the kennel…I could have gotten them groomed there, but that gal charges an arm and a leg for her services (she¬†does the all out doggy spa stuff…massages and such with the bath).

PS Cats were all fine and happy, happy, happy that I was home. ūüôā

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Moo’s Ears:

Her ears are still boarderline OK. Way too much ear wax/goo building up in there which is requiring daily and sometimes twice daily cleanings on top of drops and other medicine. The good news is that the eardrum looks to be healing itself well and there is very little redness.¬†So, the vet changed up the ear drops and put her on the food elimination trial. I knew the prescription food would be expensive, but seriously…$85 for a 27.5 lb bag of food?!? Even worse, she needs 6 cups a day (vs the 3 cups of Wellness). And we have to do this for 12 weeks. *sigh* I am also doing this with Sadie for two reasons: 1) Marly likes to steal food from Sadie sometimes and I really want to do this right to see if her problems are indeed food related and 2) Sadie has¬†such itchy skin and it has been seven or eight years since I’ve seriously taken a look at the problem, I feel this is a good place to start.

This means, including Sadie, I am feeding 10 cups of¬†food a day. I will probably end up buying four bags of this food before it is all said and done…and then, I will also end up buying some canned to make treats with since they cannot eat ANYTHING other than this food during the 12 weeks. I also need to¬†ask the vet when we go back next week what I do for heartworm medicine during the trial – right now they get liver flavored pills which they aren’t supposed to have because of the liver in them. I went ahead with this month’s dose since it was given on the same day the trial started.

I will be¬†very interested to see what happens with both of their coats during this trial – they currently get salmon oil which I am suspending during the trial. I think it is one of the primary factors in their pretty, shiny fur. We shall see! And once we are done, I am going to go on a hunt for another¬†distributor of the Nature’s Variety food. I really liked their salmon kibble¬†and would like to get the dogs back on it. I wish¬†Wellness made one for¬†dogs…they do¬†for cats.

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