The great dog food adventure…

I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that I cannot afford to do this food elimination trial using the prescription food that the vet wants me to. At $85 a bag with feeding requirements that are double the Wellness volumes – I will end up needing somewhere between 6 and 8 bags of food to do the whole trial. Not happening.
Thus, I am going to move to  the Wellness Whitefish & Sweet Potato food. It is a limited ingredient (whitefish, barley and sweet potato) food with the typical mix of minerals and vitamins thrown in.
I was looking at the Solid Gold Wolf King, but it has more ingredients (bison, whitefish, brown rice, millet, oatmeal, cracked pearled barley, rice bran) which would make it harder to start pinpointing the problem child if it didn't alleviate the itching and ear problems. And I simply don't like that they use that many different carbs in the food.
Also, I think the Wellness ingredients are better quality. The food has always seemed fresher than when I fed the SG. The SG is $46/bag, the Wellness $50…way better than $85 since they both have feeding volumes of about half of what I need to give with the prescription stuff. The overall cost savings is huge.
So, I shall restart the trial with the Wellness food. I will handle it the same way – no treats or other foods for a minimum of 8 weeks to see how things go. 
My gut is telling me that the lamb in their current food is what is bothering the dogs…Sadie has never done particularly well with it (but much better than with beef or chicken) and this is the first consistent food Moo has had with lamb. Sadie also did not do well at all on the venison when I fed the NV venison to them (both got terrible runs). The NV salmon was fabulous, so I am hoping the Wellness fish will be good too. Fingers crossed! 

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