Dog food update…

Just a quick update before I head off for Pittsburgh…

I had a tough time deciding on a food last night, but finally decided to go with Dick Van Patten's Natrual Balance L.I.D. in fish and sweet potato. The only carbs in it are potatoes and sweet potatoes and the protein is salmon. They also make matching treats so the pups can have some treats while on this trial without creating problems. So far so good…the dogs are "wolfing" it down. Heh heh.

It was $12 less per bag than the Wellness and while the feeding amounts are slightly more than Wellness, they are still much less than the prescription food. The ingredients are all pretty basic looking, no grains, no by-products or artificial coloring or preservatives. I am sure it probably isn't quite as good as the Wellness food, but it didn't have any grains in it which will make it easier to move on to something else if it doesn't work…and if it does, it will save me some money. My only concern is the "natural flavor" – I am really hoping that it is fish flavor. If I remember later tonight I will see if I can find out from the company.


Anyone have any bad (or hear of any bad) experiences with this brand of food?

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2 thoughts on “Dog food update…

  1. I've heard of the food you're trying but that's about it. I haven't heard anything from anyone that has used it. The ingredients look good though. The only thing that stood out was that a meat wasn't the first ingredient. But it's good that the next two are. I also try and find a "meal" (ie salmon meal) since that's more meat content. But when looking at the first three ingredients in any food there are so many variables. For instance NV salmon has salmon meal as the first ingredient but the next two are grains where the DVP has a non-meat first but meat are the next two ingredients. It's hard to get too picky with food and know if and how one is really better than another. I hope the girls do well on this food! Safe travels. Hopefully the trip's not too bad.

  2. Thanks!
    Yeah, I was reading more on that Dog Food Project website which says as a good rule of thumb to consider the "main ingredients" to be anything up to and including the first fat or oil (in this case it is the canola oil). Lots of good praise, of course, on the company site and also on some other random Google places I looked. I think it ranks right up there with most of the other 'good' brands and it is now a matter of just finding a food that works for the dogs. The good news is that I cleaned Moo's ears today – the first time since Saturday – and there was nothing on the cotton balls! YAY! Hopefully things will stay that way as we continue on with this food.
    I also like that this brand makes limited ingredient treats and canned food with the same protein and carb sources (they have three LID flavors combos – fish/sweet potato, venison/sweet potato, and duck/potato). You can also view their testing results for each run of food they make on their website and if the results aren't up yet you can call them. They have also started testing for e.coli and salmonella in each run. It makes me feel better knowing how easily accessible the company is for answers.
    I saw on the news today that your neck of the woods got hit hard with more snow. Stay warm and safe!

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