Black Mountain, NC and the toilet…

Black Mountain was very nice (as always). We puttered around, had tasty sandwiches and soup at the deli, lounged around the hotel room and read books, and then ate pizza and had some beer. It was crazy cold…thank goodness for warm jackets, scarves, and gloves!

This morning was too gloomy and overcast for any photo taking – yesterday was simply too cold!
The toilet issue seems to have been a frozen pipe. When I got home this afternoon the reservoir tank was full and it was working just fine. Luckily, I am not seeing any water damage in any of the wall board so unless there is a very slow leak, disaster seems to have been averted for now. The bigger issue now is, how do I prevent this from happening again (short of piling pine straw against the outside of the house each winter)? It is the ONLY area in the house (except the outside spigots) that has plumbing in the exterior wall.
Marly and Sadie got to go to the dog park yesterday with my friend who was watching them. The report is that the park is a complete zoo now that it has been opened up to the public (you used to have to pay an annual fee to get a pass to get into the park – they monitored dog vaccinations and such). Last time I was there it was starting to get bad with no one picking up after their dogs and such. This time, some dumbass brought treats or food into the park for his dog and apparently Marly thought that sounded good and jumped on him. Heh. I hear he got a little upset, however, if I had been there I would have pointed out that the park rules specifically prohibit food, treats, or personal toys in the park because of the risk of dogs getting jealous, over-protective, etc. So, in my opinion, go Moo!

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