Dog food trial…

Just a quick update. Things seem to be going OK with the new food. There is still some leg/foot chewing and head shaking, but it is so hard to tell if it is food related or weather related. (I know my skin is all sorts of itchy and flaky and cracked, even with all the lotion I use!) At this point, if there is no ear infection/excessive goo and there are no skin lesion/raw areas from the chewing, I am calling it good. 

Unless something dramatically worsens over the next few weeks, I think we will stick with the DVP Natural Balance Fish & Sweet Potato L.I.D. I like that it is made with salmon as well as containing salmon oil and flaxseed which are both nice and high in Omega 3. And I also like that it has limited ingredients. At this point in the game, I am thinking the dogs just don't need all the added "stuff". This food has also been formulated so that unless it is veterinary recommended, no additional supplements or additives are needed. 
I am still on the hunt for some guidelines on dosage of fish oil for dogs – I do intend to supplement their food with some additional oil (at least during winter months) because it has helped so much with Sadie's skin, but I don't know if there is a danger of too much with pups or not. If anyone has any good info on this let me know! In the meantime I will continue my search.
I am also on the search for chondroitin/glucosamine tablets that are not flavored. Everything I have found for dogs is either liver or beef or lamb flavored. Since there seem to be allergy issues there, I would rather avoid all that, but Sadie needs it for sure per the vet, and Marly could use it as a preventative measure to help protect her knees and hips (I worry since labs are prone to hip issues and because she is such a large dog). Again, anyone who has any good info or a source on something like this, please let me know!

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