Neil’s house is not Moo-proof enough for her to stay there. It could be proofed I think, but would require some rearranging and cleaning and I know it wouldn’t stay proofed for long. After last night (a container of muffins with the paper cups, a package of crackers with some of the cellophane wrapper, two single serving tubs of applesauce with the lids, a rubber cleaning glove, a box of zip-lock bags, a package of cocktail napkins, some toilet paper, a packet of Papa John’s pizza seasoning, cat letterbox deposits, and I am sure more that was fully ingested without evidence so I don’t know about it) it looks like she will be staying at the kennel whenever I am gone, even if it is just for a night.

She is whiny and noisy and throws a general hissy fit if she is crated over there which keeps folks up at night (hence the few attempts at letting her stay loose overnight). The first couple times it wasn’t great, but I think it went better because she was much more tired out. Last night she had been locked up most of the afternoon because I had to leave for work.

Here she does OK, but that is also because I (try) to remember to pick everything up before bed time and I can shut the office door which gives me a sort of large closet to toss things into that I don’t want her messing with. Neil’s office is in the formal dining room area of his house and there is no way to close it off and his cats need to get to their box in the laundry room which is the other culprit room. I am at a loss…I don’t know how to fix it and I can’t have her killing herself on something she eats, so once again I will revamp the budget to accommodate more kennel stays until she is older.

Coming home to hear about/witness the aftermath just topped off one of the lower days of my life. And now I get to deal with her needing to poo every 10 to 15 minutes. Too bad no one would give me a big payoff on my chances at a good night’s sleep tonight. My bet is that there will be no such thing.

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2 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. I'm sorry about Moo's adventures with Neil. How would she do in a bedroom with the door closed (and you or Neil in there sleeping)? She'd be confined but also "free" and hopefully will just want to sleep. I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch. You know I can commiserate.

  2. Actually, she does fine with the door closed as long as there is a person to sleep with, but Neil's cats get really put-out about it…trying to find the balance that won't keep the people up at night has really been the problem. I think part of it, too, is that it is a "different" house. Here, she will sometimes get into something if I don't get it put up far enough out of her reach and she is particularly restless, but it is rare. I am sure it has to do with knowing the house and what will get her in trouble here.
    Thanks for commiserating. 🙂 I am sorry things have been rough for you too. Good luck with the move (today? tomorrow? I forget.) and I hope once it is all over and done with and things with your mom are sorted out, that you will be able to rest and the anxiety levels will go down.

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