Even being lazy, I’ve been productive.

I got most of the laundry done yesterday. Today I just need to do sheets and dog bedding. The kitchen is clean and my bathroom is relatively so. Also, I finally broke out the guest room paint and touched up the one corner that needed it. That room is officially and finally done! Now, if I could just get Neil and the dogs to be a little more careful around the office and dining room walls. The dark paint gets dinged up fairly easily I am noticing. The office already has a few spots that need touching up. But I guess that will just always be the case.

Today my goal is to do a little grocery shopping, return some things to Target, and exchange some things at Home Depot. (I got the wrong kind of energy efficient light bulbs…I got the yucky fluorescent ones. I hate the light they make. It feels like my house is an office building.) This afternoon I am going to tape!
I know! It’s about time, eh? As soon as I get the hall bath taped I am going to paint it. Since it only needs one coat, it should go rather quickly. I am hoping it will get done today, or tomorrow morning at the latest. Then I am going to start in on my bathroom. Maybe by the end of the weekend that will be done too!
Then all that will be left to tackle is the kitchen. Luckily, there isn’t a ton of actual wall space in there. Unfortunately, what wall space there is, is all hard to get to. Heh. There will be photos when it is all done!
UPDATE: Well, groceries are purchased. Extra sheer panels returned to Target (after standing in line waiting for some crazy woman to return a TON of stuff that was purchased on a bunch of different receipts/credit cards. Apparently they all have to be separate returns. And who returns packages of batteries anyway?) And painting supplies and a shelf for the office closet were obtained after returning the icky fluorescent energy efficient light bulbs. Now it is time for lunch and then taping! Whhhheeeee! Tonight for dinner I am making sweet and sour chicken, Neil is going to cook the rice (I always burn it) and I am going to stir-fry some green beans. MMmmmm!

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