That last of the major to-do’s (for now)…

Call an electrician! I have to do this before anything else…I just hate calling people I don't know. I think with this, mostly I am afraid of being gouged for the work because I am 'just a girl'. *sigh*

I slept through my oil change appointment this morning – so, I must reschedule that for next week. I knew I probably would last night, but it was too late to call the dealership as they were closed. Normally I wouldn't just blow something like that off, but I have been so exhausted lately, I needed the sleep more than anything.
My eye appointment is next week. That really only counts because new glasses, even with my insurance, are probably going to cost me a bit – I need a new pair of glasses and also sunglasses. I will get new lenses put in my old frames at Costco, which will be inexpensive at least.
I need to head to the dentist and this spring the girly doctor (need to call tomorrow to schedule…out here it seems you have to make your appointment months in advance!), but both of those should be fully covered by the insurance. Thank goodness.
Then…no more spending. The rest of the money is going toward rock and grass seed for the yard. Unfortunately, there will be less than anticipated for that due to unexpected vet expenses. I think the patio extension will have to wait until next year. I'll know more in a couple months. 
I'd like to hope that I would be getting a decent raise this year, but after my review and knowing that I am maxing out my salary level at this position I am not holding my breath. And I seriously doubt I will be getting a promotion after this year's review as well. So…I have to make due with what I have. Thank goodness I have a job, at least. It could be worse.

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