I am getting the bathroom taping done. It is such a pain in the rear. So many little nooks and crannies that are hard to get properly taped.

This afternoon I have a hair appointment…I will do bodily harm to my hairdresser if he touches the top portion of my hair. That said, the sides and back need some cleaning up if it is going to look semi-decent growing out. I think I might try something new with the color. That is his specialty and since I have an idea of what I want, that should turn out OK.

Thank goodness my hair grows fast.

Alrighty then…back to the land of blue tape. Oh yeah, I managed to give myself a paper cut with the corner of the roll of tape. That is talent for ya!

UPDATE: Woohoo! Hall bathroom is finally all taped and ready for paint. Of course now the light in there is too low to do the actual painting tonight. I have to remove the light bulbs from the fixture in order to pull it far enough away from the wall to paint behind it. Thank goodness it is a relatively small room and should only need one coat since I am simply changing the color by a shade.

Most of the holes have been patched in my bathroom… Taping to commence in there this evening. By the end of the weekend both bathrooms should be done. (I hope.)

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