And the dog food hunt continues…

Still on the hunt for a replacement food for Nature's Variety. *sigh* I did find an online retailer that will ship two 30lb bags for $16.50. The problem, really, is that NV upped the prices sky-high on their food (the Salmon is now retailing at around $62 for a 30lb bag!).

This afternoon I am headed back to Petco to price the Wellness CORE food. I really want to find a food that is available locally. I think the Natural Balance food is excellent food for the price, it just still has too many carbs in it for the pups – even being grain-free. I also think that Sadie is at a point (and maybe Marly too druing the winter months) that she needs some canned food to help make sure she is getting enough water/moisture.

Luckily, aside from very excessive itchiness, both dogs are not getting sick on any of the food we've tried. And Moo's ears seem to be OK (aside from also itchy). Someday we shall figure something out. It may be that I just have to fork it over and pay for the NV. They both did fabulously on the NV salmon and brown rice…the retailer just couldn't seem to keep it in stock regularly.

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2 thoughts on “And the dog food hunt continues…

  1. Have you tried putting some water in with the food when you feed the girls? We use Nupro, which is a powder vitamin supplement, for the dogs. You can just sprinkle it on or mix it with water and make a gravy. We do the latter. That might be a way to make sure that the girls are getting a little extra water each day.

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