Dog food update…

OK so this time around we are going to try Solid Gold Holistic Blendz. It has more grains in it (oatmeal, barley, and millet) along with fish meal. We'll see. I am not 100% sold on it, but I am also thinking that the skin/itchy problems are not food related. I think it is environment and weather related and the oatmeal along with the additional oils (flax seed, salmon, canola, and almond) in the food are really good for the skin.

If this doesn't cut it then I am going to try Wellness CORE (Ocean). Grain free, high protein and relatively low fat (and still less than having the NV shipped). It also contains the flaxseed and salmon oils along with chondroitin and glucosamine. Though, from what I have read, the chondroitin and glucosamine levels are such that they are really not much help other than for Moo in getting a bit extra in her diet. Sadie will still need supplements.

Also, I learned that Eagle Pack bought Wellness. I will be interested to see if that changes any of the Wellness ingredients/formulations. The guy at the store did tell me that it did increase the cost of the Eagle Pack that he carries (he carries their holistic line…not the regular stuff).

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2 thoughts on “Dog food update…

  1. I hadn't heard about Eagle Pack buying Wellness. That's interesting. I hope you're able to find a food that works for the girls that doesn't require taking out a second mortgage!

  2. Yeah – I was looking on their websites and didn't find anything on it. I wonder if the guy's rep was full of it when he told him about that (it was in answer to his question about why Eagle Pack prices suddenly sky-rocketed).
    Thanks! We will find something. Already, both dogs were eating grass last night and that was after only changing 1/4 of their food to the new stuff. I know I should give it a few days, but that generally isn't a great sign. Neither is watching Sadie spit out the new kibbles while she is eating all the old stuff first.
    I think today I will go buy a medium size bag of the Wellness CORE and give it a go. I really like thier ingredients and both dogs have liked thier food in the past…I have never had very good luck with the palatability of the Solid Gold with Sadie (Moo will eat anything so I am not too worried about that part for her).

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