Dog food!

Sadie wants nothing to do with the Solid Gold Holistique Blendz (maybe it is the messed up name? LOL) - I found a small pile of it behind her food dish today. And last night and this morning both I witnessed her spitting it out as she ate the other kibble that was in her bowl. (I was mixing…doing the food transitioning thing.) To be honest, I am thoroughly surprised Moo didn't find the stash first! Anyway, as a result, I went out and bought a bag of the Wellness CORE Ocean. It is Wellness' protein focused line that is entirely fish protein (the first four ingredients are fish and fish meals of a few types) with potato as the carb to hold the kibble together. Essentially CORE is purported to be a good substitute and/or supplement to a raw diet. I like the Wellness foods we have used in the past and so has Sadie. I will feed Moo a mix of the two foods until the Solid Gold is gone and then feed just the CORE. It is expensive per bag, but the per feeding/daily cost is right around any of the good foods. Because this is so high in protein they will eat quite a bit less than with the other foods (and much, much less than with the prescription food).

I am hoping we found our food. At this point there isn't anything left to try. Fish is the least likey to have an allergic reaction and all in all, I now beleive that their skin problems (and even ear problems) are environment and seasonally related rather than food. Marly didn't have any skin issues until we started messing with her food. And the ear infection, once it cleared up, hasn't come back.

I think this saga is closed…….for now. 

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2 thoughts on “Dog food!

  1. Hahaha! And for your sake too! I am sure you are sick of reading all about it. 😉
    Mostly I've been trying to keep track here of what we have tried. I think at this point, I just want a good food that both dogs like that doesn't make them sick or super itchy (from everything I have read, even without allergies, grains can cause a lot of shedding and itchy skin – hence the protein focued food) and then I will start working on a coat supplement (as needed) to help with the skin problems.
    Since the food is fish based I think I will look into other oils that I can add small quantities of to their food. And I am also going to use your suggestion of just adding a little warm water to it as well.

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