More paint!

I am almost done with painting my bathroom! OK really, about half way done. I got the first coat up around the shower and doors. In a bit, I will go do the second coat on all that. Then all I have left is to tape and paint around the counter/cabinets/mirror and then the ceiling.

I think I will really be all done with that color by this weekend! YAY! 
After that, I will be taking a break again before tackling the kitchen. It is my last conquest…and one more coat in the dining room.
UPDATE: I am just waiting the last bit before putting up a final coat of paint on the walls in the bathroom! WOOHOO! Once that is done, all I have left to do is the ceiling. I need one more gallon of paint for that, so I guess it will wait until this weekend. I really should touch-up the bedroom wall too (you can see roller marks in it in the daylight), but I am not wanting to move all the furniture in order to do it. I might just leave it as is and deal with it. We'll see how motivated I am after the bathroom ceiling on Saturday.

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