Something OTHER than dog food!

Though, I do have to note that both Sadie and Moo absolutely love the Wellness CORE. And I don’t think I will bother with finishing the Solid Gold with Moo since it seems to be giving her the runs – she had runs yesterday (bad!) so I didn’t give her any SG last night or this morning and now her poo is back to normal. I mean, I know any time you change food that can happen, but with all the crazy changes lately, neither dog has had that problem until now. (And I haven’t always been all that careful about mixing the foods during each change.)

Now, on to a new topic…
I forget whether or not I mentioned the letter from the HOA that I got (and everyone else in the community also got) when I returned from being home over Christmas. It was dated the day after Christmas and spelled out the parking rules for the community. To be honest, I never thought parking would be an issue in your typical, suburban community. Sure, in my condo community back home there was always a shortage, but that was due to lack of driveway space and/or garages. Here…people simply have too many cars per household. It is SO weird. I live in essentially a “first home” type of community – I find it hard to imagine that people can afford all of these cars. Or maybe that is why they live here…they spent all their money on cars and boats and didn’t have any left for a better house?
Anyway, the problem first arose when people discovered that we were not allowed to park in the street except on a temporary basis and then not overnight without first notifying the HOA (i.e. if you are having house guests or maybe working on the house). I also find this odd, since our streets are city streets, but that is an entirely different conversation. The result was that people – read: my neighbors as probably the worst offenders – started parking along side their driveways in the yard. From the day I moved in, it has always bothered me to see cars in the yard because it reminds me of a trailer park setting. But it wasn’t like they were parking all willy-nilly all over the place…it was usually very orderly. My neighbors, though, were also driving across the corner of my front yard to reach the side of their driveway. (I know I have mentioned this before!)
The December letter stated that not only were the above mentioned street parking rules in effect, but that also, no one should be parking in their yards or any non-paved areas. You need to park in your garage or in your driveway. Period. WOOHOO!
My decision was to give the neighbors a month (until February) to get their situation squared away and no longer be parking along side their driveway before I said anything to them (and if necessary, to the HOA). Their problem is that both sons are dirt-bikers and their garage houses the bikes and all the workshop equipment. They also had their oldest son and daughter’s significant others living with them. And of course, everyone had a car…including the youngest who just turned 16. They are not small cars either. Aside from the daughter’s Honda Civic and the mom’s Taurus, the rest drive very large pick-up trucks.
I am so thrilled! Over the past several weeks they have cleaned out room in the garage for the Honda and the other four now fit in the driveway (one or both of the significant others have moved out it seems). I am SO thrilled…no more tire tracks through my yard and no more mud and gravel mud everywhere in the cul de sac.
I really like my neighbors, even if they are rednecks and don’t really fit into the suburban lifestyle. They are very nice people who mean well (they had hoped to get approval to extend their driveway so that it would actually be paved, but I am guessing the HOA nixed that). I am mostly just relieved that I don’t have to confront them on the property line issue…and now this spring I can lay down the bedding rock and not worry that it is going to get crushed into the soil there.

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