Biltmore photos!

I finally figured out how to use the Flickr plug-in in Lightroom so I could upload some photos from my trip to Biltmore from last summer! These were from the trip I took up there in July with my dad. We did the behind the scenes tour (which I highly recommend – it is indeed worth the money!) which takes you literally behind the scenes…up into the attic, into rooms that are currently being restored, etc. Unfortunately, there are no cameras (well, no use of cameras) allowed inside the house.


There are hundreds of gargoyles surrounding the house which are quite fascinating. They range from traditional to whimsical like the monkey and bear below. You can see the entire set on my Flickr page

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2 thoughts on “Biltmore photos!

  1. We have a couple of empty wine bottles from the Biltmore estate. My ILs brought them when they came for dinner at year or two ago. They got them years before that when they were there visiting! If Beacon lived there he would spend most of the day barking at the gargoyles wondering why they wouldn't interact with him. 😛

  2. When my mom and I went last spring, we did the wine tasting tour. Some of their wines (particularly a few of the whites) were really good…and some were the worst wines I have ever tasted! *laugh* I was really fond of their Festival of Flowers wine (which was when we were there, but because of the late freeze last year all the flower buds had frozen and there were very few flowers on anything.

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