OK I give up…

Both dogs did so well on the NV food…this is driving me insane looking for new food to feed them. I have no true idea what the problem is, if it is environment, food, or otherwise. All I know is that constantly changing up their food can't be helping matters.

I am going to go back to the NV salmon which they both loved and did find on. I was reading back through old entries and neither of them had any major skin/itching problems until I took them off the NV. Sadie has always been itchy, but she was much less so on that food. There was the bout of really bad runs with the venison variety, but I have heard from several people that many dogs find venison hard to digest. I think Moo's ear problem was truly a result of the river water and gunk and not an allergy thing. 
When I get back from PA I will order some online (unless the pet store actually has some in), and then I will work with the store owners to try to figure out an ordering cycle so that I am sure to have it on hand.

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