Whew! I experienced the scariest plane landing of my life yesterday. (Even scarier than the time we essentially crash landed our small plane when I was young!!!) It was crazy windy here in Charlotte yesterday and as we were coming down we bounced around all over the place. That in and of itself never bothers me, but just as we were about six feet off the runway, the wind either suddenly changed direction or gusted and tipped the left wing so that it almost hit the runway! The pilot did a great job of righting the plane and then literally flying us down into the runway in order to get the wheels on the ground.

Even taxiing to the gate was crazy, we were bouncing and blowing all over the place.
I am just really, really glad to be home.
In doggie news – Moo had been having a heck of a time with adjusting to the CORE food. While she was at the Inn, they noticed that she had blood in her poop. I figured it was coming if the diarrhea didn’t get under control (I am just thankful that it was just the upset causing it and not something she ate tearing up her insides!). They took her up to the vet there who put her on acetylator (to help aid digestion and tummy health) and metronidazole (to fight bacterial issues in the tummy tract). Apparently she had some bacterial giardia stuff going on! Poor girl. She seems MUCH better now. And, I am SO impressed with the company I found online that carries the Nature’s Variety food! I had ordered it before I left on Tuesday and it arrived here yesterday via UPS ground! So, the dogs are now back on that.
For my East Coast friends looking for some hard to find pet items – Care-a-Lot Pet Supply is located in VA Beach and has a great selection of natural dog & cat foods and other supplies. (They don’t carry ONLY natural stuff, but it seems the majority of their products are – at least in the food area.) Their shipping is very reasonable (especially taking into consideration that their prices are WAY lower than anything I have seen in a brick and mortar store around here). Including the shipping costs, I got a 30 lb bag of NV Salmon Prairie (which always makes me laugh because I picture fish swimming in a field of grass) for $15 less than it would have cost me to get it from the local pet store here – and it arrived at my doorstep! I am all for supporting local businesses, but unfortunately with the price hike on this food, this deal was too good to pass up. The health of my dogs is more important to me than supporting local business.  My only “gripe” is that their site isn’t the easiest to navigate, but their search function works just fine and the food section is set up nicely (you can shop by brand).
Anyway, once Moo is done with the acetylator I am going to also put both dogs back on the Solid Gold Seameal supplement (along with fish oil).
Not much else to report – no team call today which is nice. It is sunny but cold here. My mom is coming to visit in May (YAY!) and her birthday is next Friday – need to get her a present. I still need to paint the bathroom ceiling (next week on my days off). I should have my new glasses next week (also YAY!).

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2 thoughts on “Home!

  1. Yikes, what a landing! I'm glad it didn't turn into anything worse. Just what you needed after dealing with weather! And I'm glad that Moo's doing better now. I hope that getting the girls back on NV (do you know if you'll have to use two different meats?) will solve all of your food issues.

  2. Right now I am putting them both back on the salmon. They both did well with it before…once we get through this bag I will see how things are going and might try rotating with another flavor. At least NV has formulated their foods specifically for that! I think the Seameal will help them both, too. I used to use it with Sadie and then stopped because, the store that carried that went out of business here.

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