Monday stuff…

Still trying to wake up. I went to bed relatively early last night and did not want to get up this morning. Marly wrenched my back yesterday which is bothering me a lot today. She decided to chase one of the cats across the yard when I wasn’t paying attention and whipped my arm and then body around pretty hard. At least I managed to hang on to the leash so she didn’t keep on going!

I started both dogs back on the Solid Gold Seameal yesterday. I stopped the acetylator with Moo – it is used as a digestive aid, but in reading up on it, I wasn’t happy with some (most) of the “side-effects” that it can have. So far so good…both dogs seem to love it. They lick it off the food before they eat the food itself! And then they both spend a good deal of time licking their empty bowls to make sure they got it all. *laugh*
I will finish out the metronidazole, though, since it is an antibiotic.
Sadie has had no problems switching back to the NV, thank goodness. Poor gal, I did it cold turkey not thinking about it because Moo was on medication that would help with digestion issues anyway and I wanted to get her off the other stuff ASAP because her system was so screwed up. They are also getting their salmon oil again and Sadie is getting her chondroitin/glucosamine supplements for her knees.
All in all, they both seem to have a ton of energy (Moo is driving me nuts this morning!) and have been playing a lot more than they had been recently. Then again, that could also be Spring Fever…it has been pretty and sunny and cold here the past several days. Actually, cold at night and in the 40’s-50’s during the day. I think this weekend I will get around to doing the fertilizer stakes for all the shrubs and trees and even putting down the last of the bagged red rock on the bed under the bedroom window. If I am feeling ambitious after that, I might even cut back the dead clematis vines, trim the evergreen shrubs and weed the planting beds. I think I am going to let the crepe myrtles grow another season before doing any trimming on them.
I am ready for Spring. The spirea all have itty-bitty leaves on them…they will be pretty this year. I am going to move the one in front of my bedroom window over to that corner of the house, but I will need to wait until it is a little warmer and we aren’t freezing overnight anymore. That will be a few weeks. It needs more sun that it gets where it is now, and I have decided to wait with transplanting all the shrubs in that bed since I don’t have the funds to replace them with anything right now.
My friend who had found me on Facebook has her own green bridal clothing design company, Conscious Clothing. It is funny, because I had heard of her company via one of the Ideal Bite newsletters that I get emailed to me, but I never bothered to click the link because I wasn’t in the market or interesting in bridal gowns (this was before I knew it was her company). What a small world!! She said Ideal Bite also did an interview with her at the San Francisco show, and are planning to add video to their website. When they do, her interview will be viewable there. She is one of my favorite people ever, so I wanted to share her accomplishments!
OK, my work computer finally seems to be up and running properly so it is time to get some things finished over there.

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2 thoughts on “Monday stuff…

  1. Hey! It is good to see you online here again! 🙂
    It is trying to be Spring…but it's been SO cold this past week. Then Thursday is supposed to be warmer and then cold again…I can't get used to the yo-yo weather this time of year. *laugh* And no, I am in no way ready for the pollen. My allergies are already acting up! My boyfriend and I both have decided if our sinuses are going to hate us this much it could at least be warm out.
    How are things with you? Are you still in FL?

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