Another year gone by…

*sigh* Time is definitely moving fast and faster these days. It is nasty and raining and generally yucky out – I feel like I am back home in Seattle today. The day was spent hanging out with the dogs…Neil has other obligations for the day. I will admit, I am disappointed, but unless I do the planning on my own and make sure it gets into his calendar it is almost guaranteed that something else will come up. And I just can’t bring myself to plan my own friggin’ birthday.

Unfortunately, Marly has no concept of sleeping in, so we were up at 7am on the dot. I swear, I don’t even need an alarm clock any more. I ran a couple errands today – picked up a heavy-duty extension cord for the treadmill so that I can use it until I can finally get an electrician out here to fix the circuit.

My dad actually remembered my birthday today, but I think only because my sister and mom ran into him last night when my sis and BIL took her out for her birthday dinner. (Her birthday was yesterday.) I got some very cute kitchen towels from my sister. And yesterday Neil played hooky and took me shopping for these:
I have been wanting boots for about as long as I can remember…we found these and got a great deal on them. Either this evening or tomorrow I will condition them and waterproof them so I can start wearing them.
I still have tomorrow and Monday before I go back to work. Thank goodness I am not traveling this coming week. If you can believe it, they are predicting snow next week here….in March. Insanity.
Not much else to tell right now…both dogs are staring me down (dinner time in 10 minutes). I guess I should go feed them and maybe myself too.

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