Thundersnow! uses this term for thunderstorms that dump snow…which is what I have overhead tonight. It has been dumping all evening with off and on thunderstorms.

This is Marly’s first snow experience. She thought it was so much fun that she slipped past me and out the door while I was trying to take Sadie out. It scared the living daylights out of me…she just vanished. I couldn’t hear her tags and she never comes when I call her. Tonight was no exception. I called Neil crying…he was going to come help look. I then went back out and as I was calling for her I caught a glimpse of her romping through the neighbors backyard behind my house. I ran up the road and around to the main road and met her as she came out. Of course, for Marly, when I tell her to come it is just a big game of keep-away. *sigh* She would sort of come by running at me and then away up ahead of me like we were going for a walk. She finally got caught up in some smells at a mailbox and I tackled her because I wasn’t close enough to grab her collar. Thank goodness I thought enough to grab her leash when I left the house.
She is in BIG trouble tonight.
The cats hate the snow. Sadie loves it, but much less zealously than Moo. (Thank goodness for small favors!) And my feet are still frozen from the Moo chase, so I am loving it less right now. That and the power keeps flickering…I figure it is only a matter of time before it goes out tonight. It is heavy, wet snow – all of my plants are bent over. I imagine power lines are reaching their limit out there. And the snow is still coming. All night and into the morning. They say it is supposed to be 27 by morning…so add ice to that too.
Luckily I have tomorrow off (my last day of vacation). Unfortunately, Neil was needing to go into the office tomorrow (usually it is his work-from-home day). I am thinking that that won’t be happening…at least not on time!

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2 thoughts on “Thundersnow!

  1. That snow is crazy! I hope that you didn't lose power. Will temps warm up soon to get rid of it all? We've had thundersnow here and it's kind of odd!I'm glad you were able to get Marly back. And hopefully she feels bad.

  2. Actually, we didn't loose power…even with all the flickerings and 'almosts'! Today will only reach 36, but tomorrow is supposed to get up to 40 which should get rid of most of it. Our overnight low is 14 tonight, so anything that does melt will just turn to ice later. That ought to be fun!

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