Long time, no blog!

Really, there hasn’t been much that is all that exciting here going on. (That, of course, doesn’t mean I won’t babble on about things here…just giving you all fair warning!)

Yard/House: I finally hired a new lawn maintenance service to help get my grass going. I was getting really irritated with the damage to the bottom of the siding on my house by the old guy anyway. That was in addition to the fact he could only come mow every other week. In the spring and fall the grass desperately needs mowing weekly. The new guys are a locally owned company – in fact my neighbor’s cousin is married to the brother of the guy I set up my contract with! – and they will come out as needed throughout the year. Meaning, they come out weekly throughout the fall and spring and then biweekly over the summer and once or twice a month in the winter just to check up on things. They also handle fertilizing and weed control, will prune the bushes, and replace the pine straw/mulch as needed. And in the fall they will aerate and seed the lawn.

Animals: Well, Mr. Mouser is officially missing. He simply didn’t come home one evening and I haven’t seen him since. I cannot express how sad I am and what a loser I feel like for having yet another cat vanish. *sigh* He was a bit socially retarded bing a stray for so long at such a young age, but he was also a lover and so sweet. I hope he and Clyde are off romping together somewhere.

Moo had some excitement the other day – we were out for a little potty walk around the yard (I was looking at all the work that had been done on it). When we came around the side of the house to the driveway the neighbor girl was just getting home with the rottweiler and the dane. The dane popped out of her car leash-less before she could grab her and headed my way. I think we were all more worried about what the Dane might do to me rather than Moo. Surprisingly, she was very good and just sniffed at Moo. Then Moo decided she wanted to play and barked at the dane…that got the rotty’s attention and he came bounding out of the car as well to protect his sister. He is a total sweetheart with people so it took us all by surprise when he pounced on Moo and none to nicely flipped her over and pinned her to the ground by the neck. (His initial grab was her side and leg.) There was barking and growling like I have never heard from a dog before. The girl got both her dogs back under control and away…while I felt terrible because Moo was stuck on her leash, but I couldn’t let her go because she would have run off and there is no telling when I would catch her. She was traumatized – tail tucked tighter than I have ever seen and she wouldn’t stop barking even after I got her back inside. That evening she didn’t want to go back outside at all and jumped at everything.

The good news is that there were no puncture wounds or bite wounds and I truly think that he was just doing the same thing Sadie does when she has to restate her dominance in the house. I think Moo just freaked because it wasn’t Sadie doing it. The mom from next door came over and immediately offered to pay any vet bills and to let them know if they could do anything for Moo or me. And the next day the daughter had left a basket on the front porch with dog biscuits in it and cookies and fruit for me with a really nice card. The mom said she was in tears and SO worried about Marly.

I know she should have had better control of her dogs and all, but I can’t tell you how many times Moo or Sadie has gotten out of the truck before I could leash them. And I KNOW they would go running over if there were other dogs around. Granted, I don’t think either would be as aggressive or dominant, but they would still scare some folks. I assured both of them that Moo was fine and we would let them know if we needed anything. I just feel so bad for that family because they try so hard to do the right “suburban” things, but they are so country and just don’t quite fit into the conformity of living in a neighborhood like this. (Nor do I really, but I have lived in this kind of neighborhood all my life so I deal with it.) They have enough to deal with with the nasty people that live across the cul de sac that I didn’t want to be too hard on them about what happened. Though I did mention that they really need to be super careful because the people across the street would have probably called animal control.

So yeah, that’s really it for excitement. My mom is coming out for Mother’s Day and will stay a week which I am really excited for. And then I have 4th of July weekend off with a couple extra days. Until then, I will finish painting the ceiling in my bathroom (finally) which will complete that room and while my mom is here we will tackle a few projects like staining my bedroom dresser and making a pad off the patio for the grill to sit on so it isn’t right in front of the living room window.

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