2009 Wildlife/Bird List

I want to start keeping track of birds and other wildlife that I see outside either in the yard or at the feeders:


  • American goldfinches (only one pair so far…not the huge flocks like I got last year)
  • House finches
  • Common grackles (annoying suckers, but I am still fascinated with their iridescent coloring)
  • Red-winged blackbird (so far I have seen two come to the feeder at separate times…they seem to be hanging out with the grackles, identified a female at the feeder today!)
  • Tufted titmice
  • Brown-headed cowbirds
  • Song sparrows
  • Wren (not sure which kind – they don't hold still long enough to get a good look at their striping)
  • Carolina chickadees
  • Mourning doves
  • Northern cardinals
  • Northern mockingbirds (these hang out in the trees and scrub on the hillside)
  • Eastern bluebirds
  • Black vultures (circling over the woods behind the house)
  • hawk (maybe Cooper's hawk or sharp shinned hawk – seen circling the yard over the feeders)
  • Barred owls (I haven't actually seen these yet, but I hear them every evening at dusk calling to each other – I keep looking for them)
  • Killdeer (in the yard the other day – probably flew inland because of weather)
  • Wild turkeys (seen along the road nearby the house)
  • woodpecker (still working on what kind – today was the first one I've seen, though I hear them all the time beating on the trees in the woods!)
  • deer (yay! There are 4 of them this year)
  • opossum
  • rabbits
  • squirrels (they are new-ish in this yard…last year I didn't see any around the property)

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2 thoughts on “2009 Wildlife/Bird List

  1. Fun! enature.com is a good place to look up birds to figure out what kind you're seeing. Or if you ever get any photos I could see if I can identify anything.

  2. Thanks for the website tip! And yes, I will for sure post some photos as soon as I get some that are in focus and close enough to see the bird. *laugh* The wren is the hardest because s/he likes to hang out in the grass under the feeder and right now the grass is long from all the rain. And they flit around a lot.

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