Weekend Photos

On Saturday morning Neil and I headed out to get some photos of the trestle bridge in town and whatever else caught our eye. 

The town of Mount Holly was named such in 1875 after the cotton mill that was named after yarn that was produced at a spinning mill in Mount Holly, NJ. It was incorporated in 1879. 
While we were walking around we noticed that the Mount Holly Farmers' Market is back up in full swing. Neil picked up a small tub of some very tasty hummus and we walked around town for a bit. I was excited to see a couple farms there with everything from beef to pork to chicken – and of course eggs and all manner of in-season veggies. I am hoping that Daddy's Girl will be back as well this year with her wonderful goat's milk cheeses. 
As we headed down Central Ave, we met a very, very sweet gal who was looking for a new home. The lady at the drug store said some man had been kicking her and yelling at her and swearing at her – someone called the police and he abandoned the dog. The lady has two dogs of her own so she was looking for a new home for this pup…I think she looks like she is part beagle and something else. She was absolutely adorable and just wanted attention and love.


I do not know how people can be mean to animals. I am going to tell my neighbor about the dog – if she hasn't already found a home, maybe she will find one there.
It was a really nice morning…the rest of my photos can be seen on my Flickr page. The one thing I did notice as I was sorting through all the photos that I took – I need to work on my focusing. Or maybe just general camera stability (the lens I was using to shoot the bridge did not have IS). Whatever the case, it has obviously been awhile since I have picked up the camera and definitely need to brush up on some basic skills!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Photos

  1. Cool photos! Hopefully you're able to go out more and shoot. 🙂 Poor pup. You know that I too wonder how people can be so cruel to animals. That dog looks happy – probably because she's rid of her owners (if you want to even call them that). I hope she finds a deserving home soon.

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