Yard Photos

I took some quick photos of the yard this morning…everything is so darn green since the rain we've had (I know, such a tough problem to have) that some of them are hard to get much definition in them, but they give a general idea of what's been happening around here:

The hardest part of the yard was laying the pavers to extend the patio for the grill so that it was no longer sitting in front of my living room window (for the past two years my view has consisted of the back side of a covered gas grill):
The last big yard project now is to get the lawn to be an actual lawn. That will take awhile yet, but a good start is underway – most of the weeds have been killed (the Japanese clover is being stubborn) and we tossed down some seed in the bare areas. This fall the lawn service will properly seed the whole yard (lime, aerate, fertilize and then seed). Until then, though, some of the seed we put down is actually growing!
There are other shots on Flickr of the back yard with the bird area and the new side-yard beds and some close-ups of the front walkway areas. Enjoy!

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