Slow cooker…

I have had a crock pot since Christmas a couple years ago (got it at Costco with a gift certificate from my dad), however, I have never used it! There is a first for everything, right? Today I am attempting a roast in it. Of course I got started too late this morning to cook it on “low” (10-12 hours), so it will be cooking on “high”  for 6-8 hours.  Both temps and times were according to the recipe that came with the cooker so I am hoping it will still come out OK. I also didn’t have onions or celery so we are doing without… potatoes and carrots and beef stock. And the roast is smeared with horseradish and salt and pepper.

I also fixed the weather stripping on the back door – it takes a little shove to get it to latch now, but I think it is finally well sealed and will hopefully not leak anymore when it rains hard. As I was cleaning up the door frame I noticed that paint is peeling and the lower hinge screws are rusting. So, those will be projects for another day.
Now I think I will start photo-documenting my house for insurance stuff – just in case!

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