And then there was squirrel…

The first squirrel to come up into the yard appeared yesterday. Sadie was SO excited – she did her little happy dance at the back door while whining and squealing. I, of course, had to come see what the commotion was about:

and this is what I saw. A cute little critter who also seemed quite excited by the prospect of such easy, tasty treats being available. I took a bunch of photos through the kitchen window, so please pardon some of the weird reflection issues in some of the photos. When the sun came out, it made the white kitchen table reflect on the window – I didn't notice until too late.
I also got some photos of a few of the birds that come visit the feeders. None of the ones of the brown-headed cowbirds turned out, so maybe next time. And the titmouse refused to come to the feeder while I had my camera available. Someday I will catch him, though. Someday!
I was excited to capture the woodpecker that has been visiting. He moves around so much that I had originally mis-identified him as a red-headed woodpecker, but now with a photo to examine, I have discovered that he is actually a red-bellied woodpecker.
The mourning doves are always lovely too…there are more photos on my Flickr page.
Since I had the camera out, I also snapped some photos of the kids. The kitties weren't very excited about having the camera pointed at them, but I still got a couple OK shots:
B-boyThe Bon-Bon

The dogs, however, hammed it up as usual:
After a lazy afternoon, Moo decided it was time to play. Sadie didn't seem to mind in the least and the two had a nice little romp session:
Maybe Sadie wants to play?Tuck 'n' RollGarrrrrr!Arrrrrr!Oops!

Marly always starts out by assessing the Sadie situation – you can see the romp session coming! The last photo is of Sadie telling Moo to take it easy. Every once in a while Marly will get a little too rough and Sadie has to remind her who's really boss in this house. You can't see it, but there is a serious, deep growl coming from Sadie. 
And now everyone is back to being lazy and having a relaxing Saturday afternoon. 

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