I am back after a sweltering four days in Tempe, AZ. Highs over 110 and the lowest low being only 98.

I got to see some pretty incredible lightening storms from the airplane on the way home as we dodged thunderheads all the way back. It was a surprisingly smooth ride considering the turbulent weather.
I am also suffering reverse jet-lag now and couldn’t sleep last night. While I was up in the living room I saw this on my patio:
So, I have been too sad and somewhat embarrassed to say anything, but Bandit went missing last Thursday. Unfortunately, now I think I know what may have happened to him (and to Mr M and Clyde). *sigh* Bonnie has not gotten to go outside since the day Bandit didn’t come home. At least, even though she is going a bit stir-crazy now, she will be the most likely of any of the cats to adjust to being an indoor only kitty.
My greater concern now, is figuring out what to do about the snakes coming up onto the patio. If I need to take one of the dogs out at night, that could pose a real problem. And worse, what if they are nesting nearby? I assume that seeing a juvenile like this means mom and dad are somewhere about the area as well. They say mothballs will keep them away, however, I am not sure if Sadie and/or Moo will get into them if I sprinkle some around. I will for sure sprinkle some in the garage though…

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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. I'm sorry to hear about Bandit. I hope that Bonnie adjusts to being indoors. Do you think you'd get another indoor cat to keep her company? And bummer about the job posting. I hope that something else comes up for you. You've been patient and you've certainly done your time. Hang in there and try to enjoy the weekend.

  2. Thanks, Amanda. I actually have thought about it…especially if it looks like I will still be traveling quite a bit. When I am gone, both dogs are also gone, so she really is all alone. Part of me feels like such a horrid kitty mommy though, I hate to get another. Though, if I did, I would get a slightly older cat (1-2 yrs old) that was already accustomed to being an indoor kitty (and of course to dogs too!). Right now though, I think I am going to wait. Finances are tight which is another factor. I would have never had 4 cats to begin with if the two boys hadn't shown up on my doorstep!

  3. Don't feel like a bad kitty mom. The two boys showed up and you helped them out. They weren't used to staying indoors so it would have been hard to keep them inside. And you know now that if and when you do add another cat to your house that it'll be indoor. Sounds like a fun weekend! Have fun celebrating. Zeke should be arriving any minute now so I should scoot.

  4. Oh sorry. That is a fairly large snake. You might just want to call Critter control and see what they recommend, as it gets hotter (As if in NC it wasn't hot enough) a few of those snakes may try to come inside and curlup where it is cooler. (I found a few in my parents home that way…).
    Definitely a good idea to get an indoors kitty. Either an older indoor cat, or akitten that never went outside.
    Snakes tend to not be aggressive, and will try very hard to avoid confrontation, so if you and the dogs are making a normal amount of noise, its unlikely you will encounter them directly, but I thin kI'd be uncomfortable with the patio visitors anyway. eeek

  5. Yeah – the garage is really where I am worried about finding them since I don't go out there very often and the dogs almost never are out there! And you're right – this is actually the first snake I've seen in the three years at this house, so I imagine that the regular outings with the dogs have kept them mostly at bay. I am OK knowing they are in the woods out back (snakes don't actually bother me), but I definitely don't want to run into one on the patio if I have to take one of the kids out in the middle of the night for an emergency potty run. 🙂

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