Naughty Moo! Productive Anne!

She just tried stealing my bread straight off my plate while I was sitting here eating! Bold move, even for her!

Today was quite productive – I finally pried up the paving stone that had settled too low in the BBQ pad and added sand under it. It isn’t perfect, but it is much better than before. Then I donned gloves and carefully removed the old cat-house that was right outside the back door. I wasn’t sure what I would find under it and after the snake the other night, I figured better safe than sorry. Luckily, there were no snakes – just lots of scary spiders and a wasp nest attached to the siding of my house. I squished all the spiders I could see (they were not happy-making garden spiders…they were scary black-widowish type spiders) and then sprayed under the siding edges. I also scraped the wasp nest off the house.
Once the outside stuff was done, I came in and finally put the guest room back together. I had moved furniture in case the plumber needed to get into the wall through the bedroom (thank goodness he didn’t). Then I cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed and scrubbed down the kitchen.
Now, I need to figure out how to screw through the vinyl exterior siding and still keep it sealed so I can hang the hose hangers outside. I think maybe I can use some putty or epoxy of some kind to do that. I also need to move some red rock this week. I had made a patch of it at the left side of the garage to match the right side…but now that the left side is a planting bed and is mulched with pine needles, the rock looks out of place. It isn’t much – my plan is to just scoop it up and fill in the thin spots in the other beds that are red-rocked.
And an electrician – still need to get that breaker fixed. But I unfortunately, that is still a ways off.
Stuff to get:
– light bulbs (for outside lights)
– mothballs (for garage and under the BBQ)
– salmon oil (for dogs)
– HVAC filters (for the HVAC air intakes….duh!)
Now I am going to enjoy a beer and watch a movie.

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