To-Do & Want-To-Do

To-Do (Either can do now, or can reasonably expect to be able to do in next few months)

  • finish painting the master bath (can and should do now)
  • paint the kitchen (have the paint, should do soon)
  • paint a third coat in the dining room (also have paint and should do soon – before the kitchen)
  • buy two whirly-gig sprinklers
  • scoop up red rock on left side of garage and replace with pine needles
  • install hose holders (I have them, just need to get them up)
  • get electrical breaker fixed – this is a must-do even though I don't have the money for it right now.
  • finish pressure washing the front walkway
  • plant flowers around the mailbox area (probably in the fall)
  • clean out/organize the garage (fall or winter…way too hot out there to do it now)
Want-To-Do (Someday it will happen…but probably not until next year)
  • Build two raised garden bed/boxes (and fill them, of course)
  • Build/buy a planter box/bench (one of the cedar ones with a box at each end and the bench in between
  • Get two more vitex (chaste berry trees) – one out by the bird feeders and the other will go out front by the mailbox. The abelia will get transplanted late winter/early spring to the side of the house where the other two are.
  • Transplant the euonymus – not sure where it is going to go yet – maybe in between gas and electric meters on the side of the house
  • Buy and plant a purple leafed tree at the master bedroom end of the house (maybe purple leaf plum…) – bed out that side of the house with pine needles
  • Plant a lavender hedge along the edge of the front planting bed 
  • find a flowering vine that will handle some sun and quite a bit of shade (clematis aren't making it there)

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