I am going nuts! I put in an application for this very cute, very sweet, very snuggly kitty boy yesterday. I am SO impatient. I want an answer…now!

I am stressing that they might not approve it because of my lack of luck with the outside strays disappearing on me…but I hope they understand that the two (Bandit and Mr M) just never fully adjusted to inside living and that Bonnie was brought back inside after the disappearances started happening (that isn’t to say she didn’t still make it out once in awhile).
I feel so bad for her…she is being really good about not trying to sneak outside so much anymore, but you can tell she really wants to go out to play. The dogs are OK to play with, but I think she really misses having another kitty to wrestle with and romp with. Today I am going to go hunt for some kitty toys that I can (hopefully) keep away from the dogs. They loooove to eat the little furry mice that kitties love so much. Moo will eat the whole darn thing, Sadie eats the fur off and leaves the cork center behind.
I also think later today I am going to take them to the dog park. It isn’t so hot out today and if it doesn’t rain, would be a great day for a romp over there.
I have been working like mad this morning (almost done with everything I thought I was going to have trouble getting to this week!) and doing laundry and soon I will vacuum. Anything to keep me from checking my email every 30 seconds to see if I got a reply to my application. Even if the answer is no, I hate not knowing.

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