Solar Pest Repellers

Neil bought four of these for my yard – they arrived yesterday. I put two of them out in the yard this morning. I guess we’ll see if they work. They emit a sound and vibrate at intervals which supposedly annoys yard pests (specifically moles, gophers, etc.) and sends them packing to quieter living areas…presumably outside your yard. It is reported that these also work for snakes.

I am unclear as to whether they work on snakes because they too do not like the noise and vibrations or if it is because it scares away their food source. In any case, anything is worth trying. I have also removed the old cat house that was right outside the back door…there was about 2″ of crawl space under it that made a good hidey area for critters. And as soon as I can find some, I will toss some mothballs under the grill to keep any from hiding under there (I will also put some in the garage).
I put the first two repellers out on either side of the patio along the house. I figure that will cover enough area to help keep the dog potty areas free of too much trouble. The other two I think I will put out along the top of the hill between my house and Tommy’s to try to deter them from coming up into the yards there. I don’t really care if they are out in the farthest back part of my yard…I rarely go out there and if I do, I will just take extra precautions.
I still think it was a fluke that I saw the snake the other night, but better safe than sorry since the closest 24 hour emergency vet is nearly an hour from here.

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2 thoughts on “Solar Pest Repellers

  1. Luckily, the answer is no. Neither dog seems to even notice the sound. It is an intermittent sound that is audible to me – it sounds sort of like an insect, for lack of a better description. Sadie sniffed at one of the repellers once and that was the end of it. Neither dog seems to be able to hear it (or at least neither pays attention to it) when they are inside.It also doesn't seem to bother the squirrel that visits the bird feeders at all. Nor does it bother the birds…we'll see if I find any more snakes on the patio!

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