OP (formerly Opie)…

before that, Opalina! Hahaha! The original person who rescued him had thought he was a girl and named him Opalina. After a visit to the vet, the name was changed to Opie. Being that he is much too cool a cat for such a silly name, we have again changed it…this time to OP (Other Puddytat). Of course, being initials, their meaning could change more with time. 🙂

He is a doll – a bit freaked out from the car ride over and being in a new place, but he isn't overly scared. When he came out of his carrier, he let Sadie sniff at him without a second glance. He met Bonnie briefly. They sniffed and on a second encounter, she hissed a little, but nothing more than that. Moo was barking her head off at the lady which I think is what eventually sent him under the bed.
According to the adoption lady, he is a major snuggler, so I imagine he will come out sooner rather than later for some lovin's. When he does, we will try to get some photos.
Right now Sadie is hanging out in the hallway just outside the guest room door waiting for him to emerge from under the bed. Moo was relegated to her crate for a bit so she could calm down. I will let her out in a bit at which time I am sure she will be thoroughly investigating around the bed.

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4 thoughts on “OP (formerly Opie)…

  1. I'm glad things are going well so far. It sounds like everyone is getting a feel for things. I hope that OP decides to come out soon and that he's not too overwhelmed by his new family.

  2. Thanks! So far, he is still in hiding. Though, I am sure it doesn't help having two large dog noses poking in under the bed every five minutes. LOL I had wanted to leave the room open in case he DID get adventurous and want to come out, but now I have closed the door so he can at least have his own safe area fist (and so I could put food in there without Moo eating it…who knew an 80 pound labrador could fit under a bed?!)

  3. Just let him take things at his speed. You could aways put a blanket, bed or something that smells like the dogs and Bonnie in there with him so that he can get used to their scent. And then take something he has been using out to the others in the house. That way they can smell each other and get used to each other before really interacting. I'm sure he'll come around when he's ready. Can't blame him for being a bit freaked out!

  4. Yeah. 🙂 I have him in what I call "The Animal Room" (which is my guest room). Both dogs sleep on the blanket that is on the bed in there and the cat tree is in there, which Bonnie uses lots. I left the shorts and t-shirt that I was wearing when I met him out in the living room for the other animals since they are covered in his fuzz.

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