OP Update & Other Stuff

Last night the need for love and snuggles finally won out. I got to spend some time hanging out with the sweet boy. He is a lover! Petting and holding and snuggling seem to be the best things in the world (next to canned food). He got brave and explored the room…I think he even attempted to come out of the room a few times last night, but was immediately accosted by two very curious dogs.

Bonnie goes in there and hangs out with him…not too close, but not as wary as before, either. I think once the dogs lose some intensity to their interest in him, he will come right out. He is still not too sure what to make of Neil. That will come too, though.
Tonight Neil is taking me to our favorite Italian restaurant. They are hosting a dinner by (for?) Slow Food of Charlotte. The dinner will be made with local foods (meats, veggies, and I think even cheeses). I forget exactly what the menu is, but it doesn’t really matter since everything their chefs make is good!
Monday night we will be back there for a wine tasting/pairing dinner. I am not into wine much, but the menu looked divine and a couple good friends whom I never get to see will be there too (along with some of Neil’s other friends). Twice in less than a week…I must have done something that the universe likes!
Right now I am off to take Neil into the office so we will just have one car later tonight when we head to dinner. Then it is back here and back to work on my project stuff. (Work project stuff, not house project stuff…unfortunately.) Maybe OP will venture out of his room this afternoon while the dogs are napping.

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One thought on “OP Update & Other Stuff

  1. Yay for getting to spend time with OP. I'm glad he came out and got to know you a bit. And it's great that Bonnie's spending time in that room too even if it's still at a distance. Have fun at both of your dinners!

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