Bad doggie mommy…

I totally forgot to publicly spam that it was Moo's birthday last week. Her birthday was somewhat overshadowed with the arrival of OP (same day – July 28). 

Moo was two last week. She is getting to be so grown up…now if we could just stop with the whining and the eating toilet paper, things would be really fantastic! Maybe she is whining because her birthday present won't come and play with her.
At any rate, she is growing up SO fast…I have to keep reminding myself that she is still so young. Sadie took so much longer to settle down, though I imagine a lot of that has to do with mistakes I made in raising Sadie. 
Tomorrow they both are going to Neil's for the night while I am in OH. Now that Moo is a little older, we are going to try things out there again. We have also wised up to the wonderful usefulness of the cheap baby-gate. If we can get the office and the laundry room closed off then the rest of the house is actually pretty Moo friendly. The laundry room does have a door, but it is also where his kitties' litter box is…thus it needs to stay cat-accessible. The office simply doesn't have any secure storage for paperwork and things and is Moo heaven when it comes to stuff to get into. And there are no doors there…but the gates should solve that problem too!
If all goes well, then she may be spending some more time over at his house while I am out of town. To accommodate schedules and such, I might change my travel days to wed-thurs rather than earlier in the week. We'll see how things go. 
I also think the day and night of no dogs will be good for OP. He can explore the house without getting molested and hopefully feel more at home. Once we overcome that hurdle, I think the dogs will be easier to adjust to. I am just guessing of course…time will tell.
So, after all that rambling, mostly I just wanted to say:
Happy birthday, Moo!!!

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4 thoughts on “Bad doggie mommy…

  1. You should be in the home stretch as far as Moo getting more grown up. 😀 I hope that she does well at Neil's house while you're away so she and Sadie can hang out there, and I'm sure the savings on having to pay to have them stay somewhere will be nice.

  2. She did pretty well (according to Neil…which usually means she got into more trouble than he is letting on)…she did find some birthday cards there to shred (I think ones left out from Chloe's birthday a couple weeks ago – at least that is my guess).

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