Wine Dinner

I will start by saying I am not much of a wine drinker and rarely, if ever, do I drink red wines. That said…the first red wine we had (second course) was really quite tasty. I don't even know how to describe it other than I liked it. 

Now, to back up to the beginning…we started out with a nice Prosecco – I think they said it was also from the winery that was being presented, but I don't remember for sure. It was a last minute addition and wasn't listed on our menu or the order list.
The next wine was a fabulous white…made with some rare grape that I forget the name of, but I think meant 'pine nut' in Italian. (Oh by the way, they had the winery owner there too…he seemed quite nice and totally out of his element…they described his English and terrible. LOL Poor guy. The two guys from the distributor who imports his wine both spoke very good English, but were very clearly of Italian descent with heavy accents.) The appetizer course was fried mozzarella….MMMmmmmm!
Then came the red that I liked…sure wish I could remember the names. I think there was a menu listed online somewhere that I will try to find and link here. It came with the pasta dish…pasta was topped with a fresh tomato sauce of sorts. Again, VERY tasty,
The main course was roast beef stuffed with other tasty tid-bits. They served another red with this course…I didn't like it. It was a "big" wine. Full bodied, lots of 'flavor'…just not the kind of flavor I dig. Neil liked it, though.
Desert was a fabulous chocolate cake sort of thing. (I wanted more!) And a very traditional desert wine. It was white and way too sweet and heavy for me. While I like sweeter wines, I do not like 'sweet' wines. Ick. 
So, about 6 glasses of various wines later (they kept refilling glasses as they got low) we went home and this morning I woke with a nasty little hangover. Ugh. It seems to have lessened some and now I think lunch will help get rid of the last of it.
Dinner was fun, met some of Neil's friends from work and had a great evening chatting and laughing and eating…I might consider going to their next one. Who knew there would be anything there I would like!

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3 thoughts on “Wine Dinner

  1. Yeah, I was pretty "tipsy" – good thing I didn't have to drive home!! And it was a blast, though next time I will pace myself better so I don't keep getting my glass refilled. 🙂

  2. The first wine was a Pignoletto. The second wine was a Sangiovese. The third was a Sangiovese Riserva.(I don't remember the fourth…I'm not big on traditional dessert wines, either.)

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