Pet food…and other pet related notes

Just random comments, thoughts, and notes here. 

DOG FOOD: Nature's Variety is a pain in the ass to find around here – I sure wish the dogs did as well on some other (easier to find brand). That said, I have begun ordering it from I have had issues with not being able to get the pages to load, or the page is so slow I don't have time to wait (I am usually ordering when I am on the road and working). Also, PFD's prices are lower (just marginally, though) and their shipping costs less…it isn't by much, but on a tight budget, every little bit counts. I am sure there are a couple pet stores in the city that carry the food and manage to keep it in stock, but I am not willing to drive all over town to get it. And now that I have found a steady supplier, I need to really track how long a bag lasts (I think from last time I timed it, I remember it being exactly 4 weeks) so I can get signed up for their auto-ship schedule. I really wish Petco could carry it…I am quite impressed with their new well-pet/whole foods sort of section. It was a smart move for a large chain store to make. I know it hurts the smaller, locally owned family stores but to be honest, I haven't really found one here that I feel compelled to support. The one I was trying to support never manages to keep food (of any brand from what I can tell) in-stock on a regular basis and aside from the guy who owns it, the other folks working in there are obviously just doing so as a favor and don't care about the store or the customers. If I had had a 2 Feet 4 Paws to go to, then there would be no question about where I would get my food! 🙂
CAT FOOD: Spoiled little OP has created a spoiled little Bonnie (though, it is something I have been meaning to do for her for awhile now, so no big deal). OP gets part of a can of soft food every day. So of course, Bonnie smelled the tasty (stinky) stuff and decided she wanted some too! The disturbing part is that she got sick from the first stuff – that's when I actually read the ingredients. ACK! I just want to throw the diclaimer in that I have always been told by very conscientious vets, animal rescues, and even the crazy cat lady whom we adopted OP from that with the canned stuff it doesn't really matter since mostly they should get it for the added water (most indoor cats don't drink enough water). So, I bough Friskies…because it is middle of the road in price and is what my family has always given our cats in the past. I had never read the ingredient label on it though…it is nasty! I had some 3oz cans of Wellness from a promotion they had awhile back…buy kibble get free canned food. 
I am also going to switch the cats over to Wellness kibble. Bonnie has never had a problem with any of the foods I've fed her and it will be easier to be able to just buy it at Petco where I know it will be in stock when I need it. And it will partner nicely with their canned food. Heh. And I am not overly impressed with the Felidae that OP is currently weaning off of. He has gorgeous fur, but it should be much softer. With the introduction of the NV (which I still have a bunch of and will finish up before the switch to Wellness) he seems to be improving. Of course, I imagine some of the dryness is also from the stress of moving to a new house…I still can't get over that process and how spastic the lady was about it. I was talking to my mom last night and she made the comment that it sounded like the lady didn't really know anything at all about cats or their personalities…and it made me remember how the lady told us that she treated her cats like dogs. I told my mom that I think she is right.
Anyway, all the critters seem to be doing well. OP is getting braver by the day – he still isn't too fond of Moo, and I can't blame him. She runs at him and chases him whenever she gets the chance. When she is sleeping he will come out, but he always keeps a close eye on her. LOL I did catch him rubbing up on Sadie last night. Except for the occasional lunge (which I think she purely does to make the kitties 'flinch') she is very good about being gentle with him. She is still curious about it, but much less pushy about it than she was at first. And lastly, Bonnie seems to be bonding with him. I caught them chasing and playing in the 'cat room' last night. YAY! That was the whole reason we adopted him in the first place!

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2 thoughts on “Pet food…and other pet related notes

  1. It's too bad that smaller stores don't get better reputations. I know that Mel contributed to the not having food and whatnot in stock. And I wonder how much that hurt us in getting people to trust us when we had the store front. Yay for Bonnie and OP having some romping time. It's great that they're becoming friends. I hope that Moo thinks he's old news soon.

  2. Yeah! I know the problem with the local small store is that they are having money problems and aren't paying their distributor on time. But, I also wonder if other small store owners just have problems getting an ordering cycle down that will keep the food in stock without over ordering. I imagine that has to be a lot harder when you are dealing with smaller quantities.

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