New backyard friends…

Yesterday, my disabled finch friend hung out with me while I refilled all the bird feeders. She is deaf, blind in one eye (I think), and cannot fly well – she can barely make it up to the roof of my house and has to take several attempts in order to land on any of the feeders…though I think the latter has to do with depth perception.

She wasn't too sure about me being right there at first and flitted off into the maple tree a few feet away. But then she decided I was OK and came right back…almost landing on me during her first attempt to make it back to the feeder. I feel somewhat guilty, I think this is a bird I saved from Bonnie earlier this Spring. However, she seems to be getting along just fine, so I will continue to make sure the feeders are full for her, there is clean water in the bird bath and she has a safe-as-possible roost in the maple tree.
This pretty lady is my other new backyard friend:
I am pretty sure it is a 'she' – according to this website article, the female Eastern Box Turtles have brown eyes whereas the males have red. They can live to be 80 in the wild, but usually only 30-50 years in captivity. It also stated that the colors tend to be more vibrant in the young…I wonder how old this one is? It is hard to tell how 'vibrant' the colors actually are, since it was raining and the shell was wet.
I moved her over to the hill area since the lawn guys are due to come today – I didn't want her to get mowed!!! When I picked her up, she pulled in and closed her shell tight! There is a hinged area under the front part that pulls up to completely close up the shell.
When I went back out later, she had moved on…I am wondering if it was the same one I saw earlier in the year near the top of the hill munching on some weeds.

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