More backyard visitors…

Last night while I was cooking dinner (at the most inopportune moment, of course) the dogs started going berserk at the back window. It freaked me out because it was the scary barking and growling they do when strangers come to the door (they bark at anyone who comes to the door, but seem to recognize some people now). 

I dropped what I was doing and came to see this:
This pretty young deer and a couple adult deer had come right up into the yard to check things out. The one adult female seemed to be this ones mother and stayed close and was acting very protective. The other adult (I think it was also female) seemed to be more of just a general look-out. 

After they headed back down the hill I went outside to check them out in the clearing and found that there was actually another adult with them who had not come all the way up into the yard. I never did get a good look though – I am wondering if it was the young buck I had seen a few nights ago down there.
Later in the evening Neil took Moo out for her potty walk and she was all sorts of agitated looking for them (I think she might think they are big dogs…I don't really know, but what I do know is that she does NOT want them in her yard. LOL) When the neighbor dog started barking at her, she took of running toward him. When she hit the end of her leash, she took a major tumble across the yard. I heard her yelping and went out to see what was up. She held her back leg up for awhile, did a lot of whining and yipping, but today she seems to be just fine. Mostly I think she scared herself and probable bruised her leg in the process. (She is know for being a big baby…if Sadie or even one of the cats plays too rough she yips and cries.)
In other news – OP has also been limping around a bit, though it doesn't seem to be slowing him down at all. I think maybe he missed the shelf where I put Bonnie's soft food one evening. I only think this because I saw him almost miss the other evening and managed to catch him. I am going to have to start putting Bonnie's canned food in the cat room too, it seems, in order to keep the silly guy from hurting himself. I did poke around at him and nothing seems to be broken. I will give him a few days and if it doesn't improve, I guess he will get to meet the vet. 

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2 thoughts on “More backyard visitors…

  1. Yay for backyard adventures, well other than Moo's yelping and limping. We've seen two pairs of young deer still with spots in our yard. Haven wants to play with them. Beacon wants to defend his turf. I hope OP doesn't have to go to the vet. Sounds like he's making himself at home trying to do acrobatics!

  2. Yeah! He seems to be better today. Still gimping a bit, but still no complaining when I poke around at things. And I've decided that Moo is just a wimp. 😉

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