Household stuff…

Well, I am partially done reorganizing the office and guest room closets…which has lead to needing to reorganize the living room linen and coat closets. Eventually I will tackle the master bedroom closets which is why I needed to clean out the guest room closet – I need room for out of season and/or "skinny Anne" clothes storage. And really, Neil needs more room to put things away here. After three years here, I figure I ought to make him some. 🙂

Speaking of…I have owned/lived in my house just over three years now…August 12th or 13th. I can't remember! LOL I need to go take a 3 year photo of the front of the place. I am trying to chronicle how it changes over the years I am here.
I also finished painting the master bath today (the ceiling still hadn't been done). Once it dries overnight, I can get the bath put back together and the master suite will be done! OK, I would really classify it as a suite, but it sounds cooler that way. Unfortunately, in the process of painting, I forgot to pull up the fabric blinds over the bathtub and ended up dropping the paint roller on them. They are white (of course) and the paint is a nice, dark golden brown. For now we will just have to live with the 'modern art' in there…but it has gotten the wheels in my head turning. The frugal thing to do (and what I will do for now) is to simply get some new blinds (they were from Costco and incredibly inexpensive)…I will go for a darker color because I wasn't digging the stark white in there now that everything is painted dark. However, eventually, I would like to replace that window with some cool privacy glass – if and when I ever do this, I also want to do the sidelights on either side of the front door…and maybe the transom over the top too. The curtains at the front door are getting pretty ragged looking – snagged from kitty claws and dirty from kitty and dog noses pushing them aside to see out. I'd love to have the light come in but still have privacy without them and have the whole area be easier to clean. So, that will be something to research in the coming months to see if it is even feasible in the somewhat near future, or if I am simply out of my skull.
Now it is time for me to try to wash the paint spatter out of my hair and off my face and arms (I hate painting ceilings)…and then think about starting dinner. Tomorrow's cleanup is going to suck. I have paint spatter all over the bathtub and linoleum. It comes right up, but will take forever to pick/scrape off. 

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