I ended up taking OP to the vet this morning…I was so worried by his ‘gimping’ and old cat walk. I was afraid he might have hurt his back. Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The vet says his right knee is a little swollen and his paws may be somewhat bruised – it was hard to tell if he was complaining because they hurt or just because the vet was playing with his feet and he was scared. (He has never complained before when I have played with his feet.)

We got some anti-inflammatory stuff to give him over the next couple days that should help ease some of his discomfort and the vet says he should heal up fine. If for some reason he doesn’t seem to be getting any better in another week or so, to bring him back in and they will x-ray his back to make sure he didn’t slip a disc. Gah! He WILL be better before then.
He also got his rabies and distemper vaccinations today so he is a little miffed at me over the whole vet trip. He is currently residing under the guest bed and refuses to come out. I think he will later, though, when it is time for dinner/canned food. 🙂

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