Well, either the trip to the vet itself, or the fact that he is feeling better, or some combination of things has let OP decide that this isn't such a bad place to live and that it is indeed his home.

Last night I woke up around 3am (not unusual for me these days) to find OP snuggled up between Moo and me. Apparently Moo is not so scary when she is sleeping. LOL Then later this morning I woke to find him snuggled up under my arm with his head under my chin.
He still retreats to safety when the dogs are rough housing, but I can't blame him…I usually do the same! But other than that, it seems that we have finally settled out of being scared all the time. YAY!
Today I should continue with my house cleaning rampage…maybe later. At the very least I need to get the rest of the house vacuumed. Right now I need some coffee and some Excedrin. 

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