Groceries…and home-cooked meals

Yesterday I restocked my fridge with food. I was out of everything…

In the process I got some kale. I think maybe I've had small amounts in a fall beef stew my mom used to make when we were kids, but I don't remember for sure. I don't think I have ever had it as an adult. I have a good recipe for pasta with sauteed greens, garlic, lemon zest, green olives, and feta cheese. We made this last week with spinach which was very good, but I also read a bunch of reviews where folks had used arugula and kale in it for the extra flavor. I love arugula…and kale is supposed to be really, really good for you. So…thought I'd give it a shot! We did chicken with it last time. I might do that or I might do it with the salmon instead.
The fish department had wild caught Alaskan salmon on sale…so I bought two nice chunks of that. Usually all I see there is the nasty farmed Atlantic stuff, so I told the butcher/fish guy how happy I was to see the Alaskan stuff there and that I hope they continue to keep it in stock.
Wednesday is going to be stir-fry night. Chicken with veggies and rice. Nothing too exciting, but hopefully tasty!
Thursday I am thinking kabobs… probably steak, maybe chicken. I am not sure yet.
Beyond that, I have no idea. I figure planning out three days is pretty good for me. Tonight I am going to make some chicken soft tacos. Mmmmm.

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