Almost there…

My refi is scheduled to close on the 21st. Yay! After hearing the horror story behind a friend’s recent refi, I did make sure they did the escrows correctly. I shouldn’t have to bring much (if anything) to closing. The best part is that the internal service we use sends a notary to my home with the docs to be signed!

OP is a total snuggle-cat. If I am watching TV, he is in my lap snuggling. If I am working in the office, he is either in my lap or in the chair smushed up behind me….snuggling. At night, I find him wedged either between me and Neil or if he isn’t here, between me and the Moo. I do also catch him romping with Bonnie, which is good. I imagine my being gone for a week will have him be extra snuggly when I return! (I do have folks checking in on the kitties while I am away…)
I might get to go away for Christmas… Part of me is excited to see someplace new. The other part of me really just wants to stay home with the pups and hang out. Especially since it looks like I have more travel coming up again this next quarter.  I am torn.

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3 thoughts on “Almost there…

  1. hope all goes well with the refi….and yaaay for OP's adjustment! Holidays are odd. I know this year I need to make an effort to see my family, but part of me too just wants a bit of time to sit and be quiet…which I suppose I could do anyway anywhere….

  2. Yay for a smooth refi!! Even though ours was a pain to deal with at the time I'm glad that we did it (and that it's over). Yay for OP adjusting! It sounds like all of the critters in your house have found their place. It's great that Bonnie and OP are playing together. Hopefully they'll get even closer while you're gone and they're forced to be the only two in the house. And yay for seeing family at Christmas. I know what you mean though about being torn with being away and likely busy vs staying home and relaxing. Hopefully you're able to find a bit of a balance between the two.

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