Vacation & Caleb Pictures

My trip home was awesome! In the truest sense of the word…little Caleb is amazing, but I will get to that in a bit.

My mom picked me up Wednesday night and I stayed the night at her house. We stayed up until some horrid hour (1:30am? Pacific?) talking about anything and everything. Then Tuesday Amy and Caleb came to get me and I spent the rest of the week at her house. I saw my dad briefly a couple times and my mom came and hung out with us on her days off. Mostly though, this trip was about hanging out with my sister and my nephew!
In that photo he is 2 1/2 weeks old…he can already hold his head up (not for extended periods, but amazingly long amounts of time for his age!), he can turn himself over when he is put on his belly, he is making eye contact with people as well as taking in everything around him, and his hand coordination was getting better by the day. He can almost consistently get his fist to his mouth. Oh, and he has my sister's eyes! Same exact color. Though, he does look an awful lot like his daddy otherwise!

He sleeps like a champ – nothing disturbs him. The best part is that Amy and Nick are making a conscious effort to not be too quiet while he is sleeping so that he will be used to regular household noises. When he isn't sleeping, he likes to just hang out and look around. He is SO mellow; the only time he fusses or cries is when he is hungry (or we think maybe gassy). Already he is starting to sleep mostly through the night – two nights while I was there he actually slept 6 and 7 hours. 
Amy is healing up well and very quickly. Aside from the new parent exhaustion, both mommy and daddy are doing fabulously! Nick is a huge help with changing diapers and bottle feeding (the little guy eats more than he weighs I think!) And Caleb is a little trooper – we were out and about several days while I was there: doctors appointments, a trip to the mall, and a couple lunches out.
Sea Lion & GullAnchor & ChainVaughn Sunset

For now my sister and her husband are renting a house out on the water – the views are incredible and there are virtually no neighbors, so it is peaceful. The house itself is up on a cliff of sorts but there is a stair down to the beach. They also have a resident sea lion that hangs out on the floating dock every morning and evening. Unfortunately, the owners want to sell the house for WAY more than it is worth, so they will be moving out when their lease is up next April. Until then, though, what a fabulous place to hang out!
I was afraid I would have problems being around Caleb due to my history, but it didn't phase me at all! Which in itself was a relief. I am also still very comfortable with the fact that I do not want kids of my own, but the flip side is that I had no idea how excited I would be to have this baby in my life! I miss my sister all the time and with the new addition – I miss her (and Caleb…and Nick) even more. I am hoping next year they can come out to visit me, but for sure there will be lots of visiting in both directions in the future. I am just sorry that I will miss a lot of the life events as the years pass – I wish we lived closer. Maybe someday I will convince them to move out here. *laugh* Probably not, but it is a nice thought. 

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