I find people (and by people, I mean people who are mere acquaintances or even perfect strangers…I find I have a different set of 'rules' for people whom I consider friends) who openly admonish another's eating choices to be interesting (in an annoying sort of way). This week while I was on the road, the manager of the branch I was reviewing caught me eating a Clif Bar for breakfast. She very quickly jumped into a diatribe about how much sugar they had in them and how I really ought to be eating something else. She then went to her office and came back with three different "protein" bars that she likes. 

Two were Special K bars…one was their meal bar, the other a smaller "snack bar"…and the third was an Atkins Advantage bar. What I had to explain to her was a) I wasn't eating the Clif Bar as a "protein" supplement or anything like that…that it was simply my way of getting some nutrition in me in the mornings when I am on the road (I really don't do breakfast…ever). And that b) though the Clif Bar maybe has more sugars and thus a few more calories in it, it has WAY less fat, more potassium and less sodium than any of the bars she was offering me (the Atkins bar is only 170 calories, but of that 100 are from fat…in my opinion, unless you are actually ON the Atkins diet, this is not really the way you want to be eating on a regular basis). Of course, my most adamant argument with all foods, was that my Clif Bar was made with "real food" ingredients…like organic rolled oats, organic soy beans, and sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup and the other myriad of unpronounceable ingredients in her bars. And because my bar was packed full of real soy and rolled oats, it actually filled me up rather than me having to try to pretend I was full after eating a much smaller, much more chemical bar. I mean really, why does a protein bar need dye in it?
Anyway, I am sure she thought I was nuts, but in the end conceded that I did know about what I was eating and took her bars back to her office.
She is a nice enough lady and we got along great regardless of the crazy food incident, but it isn't the first time that has come up during my travels. I am also somewhat amused because she was telling me about her personal training sessions and how she is disappointed that she isn't loosing more weight with the work she's been putting in. I kept my mouth shut and just did the generalized sympathizing thing, but if I remember correctly, sugar is much easier to burn overall than fat is…and based on the way she told me she was eating these protein bars (like in between meals rather than as meal substitutes) I wasn't all that surprised that she wasn't shedding the pounds. 
I mean, it is all in moderation, right. If all I eat is sugar and no fat, I will still have issues. Whatever. You go do what you think is best for you, and I will go do what I think is best for me. Now, if we could just get an electrician to call us back so I could have use of my treadmill once again…

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5 thoughts on “Food

  1. How annoying. It's one thing to try and be a bit helpful, especially if you were asking for an opinion, but it's another to try and change a person's eating habits. I think that eating habits are a personal choice, much like religion, politics, and finances. It's a personal choice. I think that people should be more educated when it comes to what's in food and how it's prepared but at the same time not get preachy about it.
    The way I see it you were eating something. You weren't eating a candy bar. And I agree with the moderation thing. I think that cutting out everything that's bad isn't good. But that eating a bag of chips for dinner isn't good either.
    Good luck getting back into exercising. I've been doing surprisingly well these past two weeks.

  2. Thanks! Right now we are having a heck of a time trying to find an electrician that will even call us back let alone come install a new breaker. I am getting frustrated by that!

  3. SOrry I knew yesterday that I was going to have to come back for this. One of my biggest problems at my current job is that the staff seem a bit more obsessed over food than the normal staff….I can not eat a meal without at least 2-3 people running into the break room to look at what I am eating. Driving me crazy that is!

  4. Gah! That would make me crazy, too! Most of the time I try to eat well, but there are days where I just want my comfort food…and I don't want to "hear" about it from anyone! People are SO nosey – this world could be such a better place if everyone just worried about themselves for a change instead of what everyone else doing.

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