This morning as I took first Moo then Sadie out for their mid morning potty breaks there was a TON of crashing through the bushes down in the clearing. Finally, I caught a glimpse of two, very happy, very free yellow labs! LOL They both look healthy – one is definitely younger than the other. My guess is maybe mom and kid or something like that. The younger one was bouncing and jumping on the other one and putting on play moves. The older one was just enjoying being out and smelling smells.

I called to them, but they just looked up at me and then went romping off the other way. I will check around this afternoon while I am out and about to make sure there aren't any posters up looking for them. And I will check to see if they are still around this afternoon/evening…if so, I will try to entice them with some food and will put an old dog bed and some blankets on the patio for them since it is getting really chilly overnight. 
Sadie wanted to go play with them – Moo didn't see them, but I think she smelled them because she got into an excited play stance too. 
I am hoping they live around here and just made a quick break for it and will be back home safe and sound soon! Seeing them has made me realize that I am really not set up to help pups if they come along. I am not sure how Moo would be with another dog or dogs in her house…she definitely gets scared-agressive toward unknown people. I wouldn't have worried about dogs except after the attack by the neighbor dog, I think she is more on edge about that sort of thing now. Hopefully, we won't ever have to find out, but I'd also like to be more able to help if dogs came along that really needed it. I guess it is time to finally get around to cleaning out the garage…if I do, there is plenty of safe shelter room out there.

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5 thoughts on “Labs

  1. I hope that the two labs find their way home! I guess it's good that you haven't seen them in the past. We wonder too what we'd do if a dog came wandering around. We've had some but when we've tried to get their attention they run off. Although we did have two beagles that we did catch. We found their owners (thankfully they had tags on with phone numbers). We didn't have them long so we just stood outside with them until they were picked up. Thankfully we at least have the fenced in backyard to keep a dog confined and even introduce our dogs if we feel it's appropriate.

  2. That is definitely nice that your yard is fenced. I still plan to do a privacy fence along the one lot line, but I struggle with the idea of fencing in the top part of my yard entirely. It would cut off the view and access to the creek and clearing down the hill. We aren't allowed to do chain link in our neighborhood or I would do that with some gates along the back so the view would still be there…and I don't own the entire clearing or even hillside, so running a fence along the entire lot perimeter wouldn't really work either. I have thought about investing in some of the modular chain-link kennel pannels that you can buy, though, so I could set up a makeshift run in the garage if needed.

  3. YAY! Just as I finished typing my reply someone knocked on the door…a couple about my age asking if they could get down the hill through my yard. 🙂 I showed them the easiest way down and offered my help. They said they'd be OK but would come back if they decided they needed extra hands.

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