“Rescuing Sprite”

So, another tear-jerker dog book. As I stated in my last post, this one is much more "to-the-point". It is the author's recollections of his family, and dogs, and having to make the tough, end of life decisions for one of them (one of the dogs, that is). There really isn't a story to it or a plot, it was just a guy talking about his love for his dogs, but it was still a good read. My only real gripe with it is that there seemed to be some serious name-dropping going on in a few sections. But it could also be that this guy really is good friend's with these folks and that they played an important part to his coping with his grief. The problem is, I didn't get that sense from it…it really just seemed like name-dropping in the middle of a sad memoir.

If you have dogs, I would recommend this as a good read…it touches on the inevitable and as the author even says, it is nice to know we are not along in our fears of losing our favorite pals.
Oh yeah, and this one is SUPER short…he even states that it started as an essay…which is pretty much what this book is, an expanded essay. 

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