I just finished reading “The Art of Racing in the Rain”. The first (3 pages) chapter made me cry and I was hooked. The plot gets a little soap-opera over the top in places, but overall, a very touching book narrated by a dog who is reminiscing about his life. It is a very fast and easy (if you can see through the tears) read for anyone looking for a quick story. The author is from Seattle which is why I finally bought it to read.

I must be in the mood for some kind of release, because I am now reading “Rescuing Sprite”, which is a memoir written by Mark Levin. It is much more to-the-point. I didn’t think I would like it as well, but I do. His recollections remind me of my own interactions and feelings about Sadie and Moo. The overall story is about how he and his family dealt with the end of life decisions they had to make for their dog Sprite and the lessons learned about life and love. I am almost done with it, but again, I keep crying (dammit)…made it really hard to read on the plane while sitting next to the very corporate business man in his serious business suit.

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